Bridging the Gaps 2021

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4 min readAug 5, 2021

An exceptional time, an exceptional group of students

This year our Bridging the Gaps scholars were:

Erin Russell, Farm to Families

Shreya Thakur, Farm to Families,

Nausheen Baksh, PHA CARES

Julia Carp, Farm to Families

Jennifer Deasy, Advance Directives

Matthew Dickson, Farm to Families

Katrina Juntereal, Advance Directives

Andrea Quartey, Advance Directives

Glenn Adesoji, PHA CARES

Chris Koilor, PHA CARES

Kyra Sloane, PHA CARES

Nana Kwesi Acheampong, PHA CARES

Colin Ness, Smith Memorial Playground

Fabliha Khurshan, TEACH, Beckett Life Center

Rohan Brebion, TEACH, Beckett Life Center

Meg Carter, Red Shield, PHA CARES

Students worked on a variety of programs related to food insecurity and food justice, empowering people to talk about death and dying and make end-of-life plans, educating folks on COVID-19 vaccines and teaming up with community health workers on health and mental health issues, and working with students at summer camps. The team worked together and were creative, smart, independent, and fun! I am very proud of the work they did — and will continue to do.

“ Bridging the Gaps was an amazing and one-of-a-kind opportunity to not only learn about urban bioethics and the inequities faced by members of the Philadelphia community, but also to devise a project to address these inequities and immerse myself in the community in order to have a positive impact in this regard.” — Jennifer Deasy

“Working with the community at the Beckett Life Center reinforced the fact that all children no matter their background or race can succeed if they are loved and supported especially when using a trauma informed lens and a restorative practice framework.” — Rohan Brebion

“BTG CHIP provided me with the opportunity to further explore my interests in community health work and research. Through the BTG CHIP program, I was able to partner with Farm to Families and conduct semi-structured qualitative interviews with their clients. What I have come to realize this summer is providing subsidized fresh produce boxes to Philadelphia community members is just one piece of the puzzle to helping create food access. Being able to better understand the impacts of the Farm to Families program is extremely valuable, and I am grateful that BTG CHIP supported me in doing that this summer.” — Julia Carp

“BTG has provided me with tangible, applicable experience and insight that no textbook could ever provide.” — Erin Russell

“Bridging the Gaps provided me summer opportunities that I never would have gotten elsewhere. Working with other health sciences students gave me a wider perspective, and the commitment to the community along with the dedicated community partners made me feel like I made a small difference in the wider Philadelphia community.” — Colin Ness

“Working for BTG this summer gave me a greater understanding of the importance of getting know the community you wish to serve. This experience is one that I believe I’ll refer back to as I continue to grow both personally and professionally.” — Nausheen Baksh

“Through BTG and Farm to Families, I learned how important it is to address the social determinants of health, particularly food insecurity, as they play a major role in patients’ health and quality of life. I also learned through talking with Farm to Families clients how hard people work to be healthy and eat fresh produce, even if they need to go out of their way to do so.” — Shreya Thakur

“Working with the children and families at the Red Shield Family Residence and at PHA CARES made me think about how many of our public health programs miss people who live in unstable or transition housing.” — Meg Carter

“Throughout BTG, we’ve touched on a myriad of issues that the Philadelphia community struggles with every day: food insecurity, gun violence, and racism, just to name a few of many. I’ve certainly had my eyes opened to the challenges facing Philadelphia, but I’ve found hope in the organizations I’ve worked with and the conversations we’ve had with community leaders and residents.” — Matt Dickson

“I believe that my most important experiences at PNLV occurred through organic discussions with the employees of the organization. I was humbled by these conversations as they afforded a chance to learn from people. Through community action, interactive dialogues, and didactic education, my BTG involvement became a formative experience that served to deepen my commitment towards improving population health and building better lives for people.” — Roberto Rosario

“During my BTG CHIP summer experience, I was able to learn from Philadelphia Housing Authority residents, provide health education, and form connections after a year void of much human contact. COVID-19 disproportionately impacted communities of color. As a medical student team, we worked hand-in-hand with Community Health Workers who are PHA residents to assess the needs of the community, establish trust, share health resources and information and address wellness concerns. BTG CHIP solidified my desire to be a physician-advocate and provide service in a culturally competent manner.” — Kyra Sloane

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